The Nature Air Blog is a venue for our guests and our team members to share their experiences of adventures and discuss important issues in sustainable tourism and development. Our tribe of travelers, writers, pilots, scientists, poets and public policy makers are as comfortable hiking through rainforests as they are discussing climate change. We aim to give you the inside scoop on what´s happening in Central America and also at Nature Air, Costa Rica´s domestic airline and the world’s first carbon neutral airline. We welcome your comments on our blog in the effort to make Central America a better place for all of us.

Author Bios

Claire Saylor

Claire is the eMarketing specialist at Nature Air and editor of the airline’s inflight magazine Nature Landings. Originally from Maryland, she has been traveling and living in Latin America for more than 6 years, having called Santiago Chile, Panama City Panama and San Jose Costa Rica home. Ever a multi-tasker, Claire also heads up some of Nature Air’s CSR efforts and is always looking for innovative ideas to adapt to our commercial efforts or English language foundation, NatureKids. Comments more than welcome: csaylor@naturegroup.net

Alex E Khajavi

Alex Khajavi’s career has taken him from haggling on Wall Street to fundraising in East Africa. A background in international finance and development and affinity for adventure led him to create his second company, Naturegate, an ecotourism consultancy that headed sustainable projects in the Seychelles, Egypt, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and beyond. Over a decade ago, he stumbled upon the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica where he purchased a small air charter company and turned it into the world’s first Carbon Neutral airline, Nature Air. Today he maintains his position as CEO and Shareholder, leading the company with a green conscience, and pushing for continued innovation in an ever-changing marketplace. Follow his opinion letters @CEONatureair. Emails welcome: boss@natureair.com

Larry Feinstein

Larry is a contributing editor, primarily focusing on the complex issues of sustainability and climate change, which will appear under the Naturally Larry post. He has a very eclectic professional history. His interest in Costa Rica began about fifteen years ago, while exploring opportunities in Belize. Larry is a friend of Nature Air and is here to lend his perspective on important global issues, and Costa Rica’s unique role in a rapidly changing world.


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