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Wellness at Nosara


Nature Air takes you to the wellness destination of the moment, Nosara. Take a 35 mt flight to Nosara and get ready for a day at the beach surfing or if you prefer look for one of the Yoga centers to relax and meditate. Eat at one of the local restaurants or take a break and walk the streets of a beautiful emerging town.

The #NatureExplorer would like to share with you the opinion of an expert so next time you come to Costa Rica put on your “to do list” and go to stunning Nosara. Relax comfortably under a palm tree and observe the ongoing sea waves. Come to Nosara and feel the experience of being in Paradise.

Mari Om

Yoga, waves, sunny days, fresh coconut water… sounds like a dream, but it’s a dream come true if you live in Costa Rica! This Central America country has more than 800 miles of Pacific and Caribbean coast line. It is a very special place, and the beaches are incredibly beautiful. One of those specials beaches is called Nosara, where Nature Air flies daily to offer a unique experience.

Nosara is located in Nicoya Guanacaste with no more than 5,800 people living there, where most of the locals work in fishing and agriculture. Playa Guiones in Nosara has one of the most consistent waves in the world with over 330 days per year of rideable conditions. Others beaches in Nosara are playa Pelada, playa Garza and playa Ostional.

When you think of Costa Rica beaches you may immediately  think of Surf, but Yoga has been part of Nosara’s community for a really long time now. Yogis and Yoginis all over the globe travel to Costa Rica  in search of teacher trainings expecting the best of the best, and they’ll find that. From Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga for Kids… you name it and you’ll find it in Nosara!

Being a Yoga teacher for more than 10 years gives me the opportunity to explore the best places where a magnificent practice can manifest.  Nosara has such amazing hotels and resorts to get a unique experience in terms of knowledge, accommodations, surroundings and community. It is definitely my favorite choice regardless Yoga and Beach, one of the best combinations!


My Yoga studio, Vertical Fitness CR ,  is located in Escazu, San Jose, is called Vertical Fitness CR and besides Yoga we also teach Pilates, Pole Fitness, Silks, Functional classes and we have a Runners Club too. Being a Humanist Psychologist has made me get in touch with deep feelings so that’s why my type of Yoga is more in the line of the Power / Vinyasa Yoga classes, so I can find a balance in my own experience and in the way of expressing Yoga to the people. That’s why I created my blog so I can explain better my vision as well as the experience of other teachers and students of my studio VF.

Yoga is a very old discipline born in India through the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. But what is Yoga from a historical point of view?

Traditions explain in the Yoga Sutra 1.2

“Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward an object and sustain that direction without any distractions.”

Yoga is a way of getting in touch with our true desires, it’s a way to get to know the obstacles your creating to avoid achieving  true happiness. Yoga is a practice that reminds you of the infinite potential that is inside you, it’s a way to see divine consciousness deep in you and a journey to change yourself to the best version you could manifest for yourself.


Yoga means union. Means unifying the intensions of your mind with the actions of your body. Yoga will bring you alightment in the different areas you need to center.

Some people say the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the first book written about Psychology, long time before Freud did. But this is a very controversial statement specially for Orthodox Psychoanalyst colleagues. Either way, the systematization of Yoga through the Yoga Sutras is a book that make you discover the potential of your mind and how to control it to create the life of your dreams.

Yoga is a path of truth, it’s a way to control your life and created things as you imagine. If you are in San Jose come visit me in Vertical Fitness CR and practice among a beautiful community in the heart of Escazu.


Mari Om
IG: @yoganotyoga
Vertical Fitness CR
(506) 2588 1350
San Jose, Escazu, Trejos Montealegre. Del Vivero Exotica 100 Oeste y 100 Sur, Plaza
Esquina Escazu, segundo piso.

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