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The perfect time to travel


By The Nature Explorer

To travel is to live.

Is there a specific season to visit paradise?

This is a very good question. The #NatureExplorer wants to help you answer it with a list of reasons to travel year round.

We call it “the Green Season”. So let’s start with the obvious…

1. Green is the color of money. Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks while traveling? Hotels drop their rates significantly during the “Green Season” from May to end of November.

2. International fares drop too! So booking a flight to get you to Costa Rica will be more accessible and probably, airlines will have more options and availability that helps with the international portion of your trip.

3. Crowds dissipate as the North American high vacation season is over, so your destination choices will not be as packed as they are during the Summer or Spring vacation breaks. It’s never bad to have the pool all to yourself.

4. Get a taste for a different light… yes, the mornings are sunny and progressively brighter. The occasional showers in the afternoons make for contrast lighting in the morning that makes the whole day ‘naturally’ amazing.

5. Day tours become more available. White water rafting, Zip lines, Canopy, Rapel, Canyoning…choose your adrenaline jolt. Adventure packages that are nearly fully booked during the peak season, become a game time decision.

6. Life and nature explode! Green means green, and it does get greener during this time of the year. The rain makes it all flourish, look lusher, and abundant. Animals pop out of nowhere and everywhere. Water always brings more that it takes.

7. Flower and birds? Yes. MORE. Fruits ripen, flowers bloom.. this means BIRDS and birds mean #BirdWatching. So if this is your adventure, there is no better time of the year!

8. Wildlife. Ohhhh yes. Have you seen the humpback whales on our Site pictures? Well, come see them face to face. Nesting period for whales and turtles is during the Green Season.

9. Coffee drinkers are better lovers, and coffee harvest is on starting in October. Experience the scent of a flowered coffee field. Go visit the farms and mills, and get the freshest cup you ever had.

10. Last but not least… come for the water! Please… it’s not every day you get to stand in a primary rainforest in the middle of a good shower. A shower that breathes and soaks ‘mother earth’ into your skin.

So… there is no perfect time or season for traveling to Costa Rica, because all times are perfect.

Once you are here, we will fly you in one of our new Expedition Aircrafts in minutes, with more than 70 flights a day, you can choose your itinerary to make the best of the prefect every-day in paradise.

We’ll be waiting for you! Green is definitely the color of your next adventure.

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