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Published on February 8th, 2016 | by Downtown Partners


Why Costa Rica is Your Perfect Destination Wedding

What a nightmare. The groom’s parents still haven’t arrived from their hotel on the other side of the island. The next wedding party is lined up for their turn under the awning. What’s worse, their priest is shooting your priest looks of impatience. For all the money this wedding has cost, one thing’s for sure, they’ll wait alright.

Thankfully, this is NOT your wedding. You’re just in the ceremony. You and your special someone have plans to get hitched in Costa Rica. Smart move.    

                                           Costa Rica

There are enough challenges to a destination wedding that you don’t need any additional concerns. You have many options for a destination wedding, but in the long run, you’ll find Costa Rica is easier on your budget, it’s closer to home, it’s safer than other options, and it’s gorgeous.



Let’s get the ugly part of this conversation out of the way. Depending on how much of the budget you and your partner plan to pick up, flights alone are going to run cheaper to Central America than they would to a location like Hawaii, or Indonesia. Even the Caribbean is going to cost more than sticking to the mainland.

If you’re not picking up the cost of your wedding party’s plane tickets, which you’re likely not, for all of your besties to make it, a lower flight cost is going to weigh heavily on their decision making. Not only the flight, but where to stay.

Hotel costs can vary from location to location, but in Costa Rica, you have more options for lodging. Hostels are the cheapest option for traveling individuals. In the land of Pura Vida hostels aren’t always the scary big-room experience you find in other countries. Many hostels are more like discount hotels.

Fancy hotels will tend to be pretty hefty in cost. An alternative is to rent a vacation home.

The late 90’s and early 2000’s saw a large number of luxury homes being built by wealthy North Americans and Europeans. Many of those properties are now in the hands of property rental outfits. Fully furnished, with hotel-like accommodations, they can be rented for a fraction of the cost per head of a hotel room.

What’s even more, these properties almost always come with private pools. Unlike your hotel where you can expect teenage cannonballs until 3:00 AM, here you are the boss. You will be the one doing the cannonballs. There’ll be nobody to stop you.

Even if you spend a little more on food in Costa Rica, you’re sure to make it up in housing costs. For some assistance on finding the perfect vacation rental, let the experts at Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals find the house of your dreams

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By most accounts, Costa Rica isn’t simply a hop skip and a jump from the continental US, but it’s not as far away as other wedding destinations like Bali or Hawaii. And it’s not an island, which is more important than you might imagine.

This separation by water only gets worse when you explore options like Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. Everything there arrives by boat or plane, which makes things fairly expensive. You’d be better off planning for a wedding on the moon.

In Costa Rica the local language is Spanish, but many of the locals speak English. Those involved with industries like travel, accommodations, and food almost always speak fluent English. You’ll hardly know you’re in a country that doesn’t speak English as their native tongue.

Getting from place to place in Costa Rica is as easy as renting a car, taking the countrywide bus system, or jumping on regional flights in Costa Rica. From a plane, you can see the country in ways you never imagined. The word breathtaking comes to mind.

                                           CR wedding


What happens when a country abolishes its army in 1948? Almost 70-years later they have the lowest incidence of violence in Latin America. In fact, Costa Rica outshines the rest of Central America by a long shot for non-violence.

This is not because armed militiamen are walking around with automatic weapons. In fact, in Costa Rica, you won’t see any camouflage being worn by the authorities. This may seem like a trivial detail until you travel someplace where it is normal to have military milling about on the streets. Talk about your stressful wedding environments!

With good cause, the people of Costa Rica are notorious for being some of the friendliest people on the planet. They are ranked as the happiest on earth year-after-year in the Happy Planet Index.

Of course, you never want to think about this sort of thing until you have to when it may be too late…Costa Rica also enjoys one of the best socially available medical programs in the world. of this, good health care is never far in the case of an emergency, should someone you know have one.                                                                                                             Costa Rica Wedding


Of course, a tropical paradise is going to be photogenic. Every bay, every mountaintop, and every toucan just begs to be your wedding backdrop. The best part about Costa Rica is the diversity of options. From the bio diverse forests of Manuel Antonio to the sunny beaches of Tamarindo, all the way to the volcanic skylines of the Central Valley, Costa Rica can fit your every desired setting.

You may choose to be married on the sand in Tamarindo so you can honeymoon in the cloud forest of Monteverde. Great plan. What’s even better is your guests can fan out in whichever direction their hearts desire after the ceremony. Everybody can get what they want from Costa Rica.

From your bachelor and bachelorette parties to the honeymoon you will take after your nuptials, Costa Rica has everything you need for your perfect destination wedding. It may even become your first choice for buying a home. There are tons of opportunities for buying real estate in Costa Rica. You wouldn’t be the first couple married in Costa Rica who decided to move here permanently. It happens all the time.

Wherever you take your vows, may your day be perfect, and may nobody’s parents get stuck on the other side of the island. In fact, maybe just stay away from islands. Just sayin’.

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