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Global Warming – Is Costa Rica A Refuge from the Storm?

The World is facing one of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever endured in the modern age – global warming. Yes, we’ve all heard some say in the past that it’s junk science, but now, the question isn’t is there global warming or not, but whether it is caused by man, or just nature going through cycles. It really doesn’t matter at this point, as it is coming upon us with the inertia of a heavy flywheel.

Often I’ve heard people say, “How can we stop it; reverse it?” “For me”, according to Brad Butler of Emerald Forest Real Estate Company in Costa Rica, “I am of the opinion it is beyond a quick fix at this point, and what we humans must do is ask, ‘How we can best survive the storm at this approaching, late date?’”

In many ways, Costa Rica will be one of the least effected countries in the World because of its geographical location as global warming shows its ugly face.

Obviously, Costa Rica will see a lot of changes, but many experts are predicting that the geography of Costa Rica will protect it from many of the more catastrophic changes expected around the world as global warming sets in.

South America, countries like Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil are likely to witness more of a beating from stronger El Niño and La Niña, as ocean current temperatures change. Central America, starting north of Costa Rica, will likely take stronger beatings from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Take a look at the map of South America and realize the northern tip of the continent is north of Costa Rica, hurricanes move from east to west and clockwise, thus sparing Costa Rica of the problems that will plague Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico etc.. Obviously islands like Cuba, Jamaica and the Caymans will be places of deep concern. If the predicted rise in sea levels takes place, you can expect much of Florida’s coast to be under water, along with many parts of northern Europe’s coastal towns as well.

The inland mountains of Costa Rica and the vast coastline will be the two major factors protecting Costa Rica from the damage of global warming. One of the major reasons is that Costa Rica already has such extreme variations in climates, with hundreds of micro-climates covering Costa Rica, so changes will vary from zone to zone.

Costa Rica is divided into two parts, the Central Valley with its high elevations offering a spring like climate, to the low lying beach areas. The Central Valley could well be one of the safest places in the world to be during these future changes.

The fact that Costa Rica is no more than 100 miles from the ocean at any point assures us that the precipitation from the lower coast lines will maintain the necessary wetness, thus allowing the heating up and cooling down at a slower pace, unlike large land masses. This phenomenon will insure Costa Rica of milder climate changes. The Central Valley will feel the least of the changes to come.

Water will definitely become an issue worldwide. However, Costa Rica’s fresh water supply should be the least affected with the surrounding oceans, geographical location and precipitation, it will continue to receive the necessary rains to maintain the fresh water supplies.

Costa Rica will be one of the safest countries in the world to reside in, especially in Latin America, to weather the approaching storms of global warming.

Author’s opinion by Brad Butler – Long time resident of Costa Rica and owner of Emerald Forest Properties Real Estate –

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