Travel Fly High with our New Costa Rican Travel Blog

Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Erin Raub


Fly High with our New Costa Rican Travel Blog

Nature Air flies to Manuel Antonio

Travel smart. Travel faster. Travel sustainably.

What does traveling smarter mean to you?

For me, it’s all about balance. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, so I don’t want to stress myself out in the planning phase. And I definitely don’t want to worry about all the little details when I’m already on vacation. That said, I do want things to go smoothly. I do want to travel efficiently. I do want to travel sustainably. I do want to maximize my time. And I definitely want to find the best, the most exciting, the most incredible – the most superlative of the superlatives. But again, I want to do it without stressing out.

That’s what this blog is about.

At Nature Air, we’re all about balance. And expertise. We live in Costa Rica. We travel in Costa Rica. (And Nicaragua. And Panama.) We love Costa Rica. And we want you to love your time here, too.

So this is our promise to you. Once a week, for the next forever, we’ll post the Internet’s best, most useful info on Costa Rican vacations. We’ll show you how to maximize your travel time – because who wants to spend time bumping along Costa Rican roads, when they could be sipping a frozen something on the beach? We’ll fill you in on Costa Rica’s best-kept travel secrets. We’ll chat about ways to save money – big bucks – on a Costa Rican vacation.

And we’ll answer your most pressing questions. You know, the stuff that Google doesn’t seem to know. Want to know about the coolest (well, steamiest) national park in Costa Rica? How about the most incredible rooftop views in Nicaragua’s colonial Granada? Or perhaps you’re trying to identify the one hot spring you just have to visit in all of Costa Rica? Yeah, we know those answers. And a whole lot more.

So if you have a question, please ask. Post a comment. Email us. Heck, you can even call us the office. (That’s 1-800-235-9272.) We’re here to help. And share. And empower you to plan your dream vacation. Pura vida!

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