Hotels / Resorts Hotel Alta, Costa Rica Acquired by Nature Group

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Hotel Alta, Costa Rica Acquired by Nature Group

Nature Group proudly announces the acquisition, remodeling and redecorating of the luxurious and boutique Hotel Alta and La Luz Restaurant.  Purchased in August of last year and closed in September for complete renovation, it reopened in December to become a center where, “the country’s high life reaches a new summit.”
Alex Khajavi, Founder of Nature Air, in the March edition of the “Landings” in flight magazine, explains his lifelong dreams and motivation for this endeavor.

I always wanted to create a city hotel with panache, casual sophistication, caring service, black & white pictures and books.  A great bed with white natural cotton sheets, just fluffy enough to evoke dreams of white Camargue horses running in knee deep water.

A place different from the cookie cutter hotel rooms where we know where the light switches are – so familiar that as a traveler I used to call reception asking what city I was in.  A place where the reach for a light switch should not be of any consequence.  I wanted a place non-standard; after all, we travel to seek the differences and touch the edge of the unknown.

A great bar with single malt scotches, wines of notable terroir that speak from what’s inside the bottle rather than what’s inside the bottle rather than the babble on the label.  A noble find, a relationship of man, khaki and grapes.  A menu driven by artisan growers and organic producers and by what the day’s market offers, not by the frozen, canned specials.

A hotel for adventurers, explorers, seekers, writers, journalists, lovers and bohemian minds.  A dream of times past with elegant ladies walked with wide brim hats in long fitted skirts and lapeled double layered dresses.

An eclectic collection of things, art, Italian tobacco, leather chairs – rooms with a view of the Valle de Santa Ana, and no better sunset anywhere in Costa Rica.

Airlines started some of the greatest hotels in the world.  Pan Am the intercontinental, Air France the Le Meridian, United the Westin, and Lufthansa the Kimpinski.

At Nature Air, we are following the great tradition of travel and aviation wit the opening of the Alta Hotel and La Luz Restaurant and Bar in Escazu – Santa Ana, just outside of downtown San Jose.  A great boutique hotel to match our aviation tradition, designed with care and offering the “Alta” standards of service we all desire.

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