Words from the Hangar Promoting a Central America “sin fronteras”

Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by CEOnatureair


Promoting a Central America “sin fronteras”

the view from above


My favorite number is seven. I have been fascinated by it ever since I was a child. The number holds a great historical and symbolic significance as the base of various ancient numerical systems, and as the most frequent combination when rolling two dice, one of the oldest games ever played by man.

The Central American region consists of seven countries – an interesting coincidence for me. They all share pre-Colombian traditions from the great Mayan culture and wandering indigenous groups, and the same pains and joys of building independent nations after the Spanish conquest.

The combined population of these seven nations is about 43 million – equivalent to that of Colombia – with a Gross Domestic Product per Capita ranging from $3,000 to $12,000. The United States had a GDP/Capita around $11,000 in the mid-1960s when approximately 25% of the population flew domestically – the same numbers that are being repeated today in Colombia, with over 10 million residents flying within the country.

Despite its potential to mimic Colombia and the United States’ booming economic pattern of yesteryear, Central America generates much less of a market for air travel than it should due to difficult border crossings, visa requirements, entrance and exit taxes and other red tape. The region is a Mecca for cultural and eco-tourism and a grand stand of possibilities for economic cooperation and trade. However, trade, commerce and tourism require transportation – such as the age-old connection between China and Venice via the Silk Road. This region badly needs a responsibly priced, point-to-point, high frequency air transportation to make up for lack of adequate roads, railways and port facilities.

We at Nature Air hope to aid this endeavor by promoting a Central America “sin fronteras” that would benefit all people living in and visiting the region. With our aerial view from 15,000 feet, it’s easy to understand that borders are just imaginary lines on a map. We appreciate and choose the destinations we fly to based on their unique individual character rather than the colors of the flag flying above their government buildings. Landing strip by landing strip, we are paving the way to a Central America made up of seven sister countries “sin fronteras” – without borders.

Alex E Khajavi
CEO | Founder
Nature Air

Letter originally published in Nature Air’s Landings magazine Vol. XIII No. 3


About the Author

Alex Khajavi's career has taken him from haggling on Wall Street to fundraising in East Africa. A background in international finance and development and affinity for adventure led him to create his second company, Naturegate, an ecotourism consultancy that headed sustainable projects in the Seychelles, Egypt, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and beyond. Over a decade ago, he stumbled upon the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica where he purchased a small air charter company and turned it into the world's first Carbon Neutral airline, Nature Air. Today he maintains his position as CEO and Shareholder, leading the company with a green conscience, and pushing for continued innovation in an ever-changing marketplace.

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