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Published on March 9th, 2012 | by CEOnatureair


Protecting the Osa Peninsula for generations to come

I have always had a soft spot for the Osa Peninsula. My romantic connection with this region began when I was a young man on my first journey to the wild south – which was then still peppered with gold miners, guerillas with criss-crossed bandoleers and a thrilling sense of getting closer to the edge of the unknown – or disappearing into the blue yonder of the Pacific.

I remember the surprises I faced at every turn: trees I’d never seen before the size of skyscrapers, butterflies, tracks of cats – big cats – and the the never ending flight of the scarlet macaw.

Thundering, foaming beaches. Rivers with unknown beginnings. Sitting on a quiet beach at sunrise detecting some movement to my right 50 meters away. Seeing three small cats playing with a dead fish and feeling the rise of the hair on my body as the mom cat walks in. That first meeting with an ocelot will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I remember the path from the village of Drake Bay hugging the coast passing by more than 30 inlets to San Josecito and beyond to San Pedrito. Crossing the Rio Claro up to my neck I will never forget the image of crocodiles sunning on the opposite bank.

This place, where I’m sure God lives, has been protected from the encroachment of so-called civilization by many dreamers, such as Alvaro Ugalde, Mario Boza, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Costa Rican government and a few philanthropists that fell in love with its wildness just as I have.

Some places in this world should be kept as they are. This is one of the pillars of wisdom we must abide by – wisdom that will give us the edge to know what was and what can be. The Osa is the defining definition of pure wilderness.

This peninsula should be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It should be least touched. We at Nature Air have committed to this philosophy and are involved through our conservation programs in connecting the corridors of biodiversity that protect the boundaries of the Corcovado National Park and the intricate web of wildlife preserves spread like a protective blanket across the peninsula and across the Golfo Dulce.

Alex E Khajavi
CEO | Founder
Nature Air

Letter originally published in Nature Air’s Landings magazine Vol. XIII No. 6


About the Author

Alex Khajavi's career has taken him from haggling on Wall Street to fundraising in East Africa. A background in international finance and development and affinity for adventure led him to create his second company, Naturegate, an ecotourism consultancy that headed sustainable projects in the Seychelles, Egypt, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and beyond. Over a decade ago, he stumbled upon the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica where he purchased a small air charter company and turned it into the world's first Carbon Neutral airline, Nature Air. Today he maintains his position as CEO and Shareholder, leading the company with a green conscience, and pushing for continued innovation in an ever-changing marketplace.

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