EcoTourism Uncovering the original spirit of adventure travel in Costa Rica

Published on March 6th, 2012 | by CEOnatureair


Uncovering the original spirit of adventure travel in Costa Rica

A Nov. 2011 survey from American Express reveals an increased consumer willingness to spend money on vacations and activities that offer “memorable experiences.” In times of crises we become more nomadic. It is what has spurred so many migrations – the precursor to adventure travel. When the pastures are drying we seek greener options.

It is interesting that we look to consumers’ retail behavior, “another T shirt,” as an important part of economic recovery, but travel is rarely elevated to that level of economic sainthood. It should be – as travel is a great antidote to economic downturn. If planned passionately with care, travel can offer sustainable economic benefits in the communities we visit.

Active travel also reveals new vistas around the next bend of the river of life. It sends us around uncivilized left turns and down dusty roads in unknown lands doing donut turns- and finds us hanging from narrow steel lines crossing river gorges. Travel brings back the spirit of “Can do,” awakening a dormant adrenaline rush that migration inspired in the original “adventure travelers.”

In the late 60s, it was common to see hitchhiking youth and aged in marginal or conflicted areas. Summers were commonly spent hopping to Europe on the original low cost carrier Icelandic Air, mingling in the blue waters and shore caves off the island of Corfu, Greece, a few miles from the then mysterious, communist Albania. We created our own international communes, without the “isms.” We spent drachma, not Euros, on memorable experiences, not T-shirts. Adventurous travel brought international diplomacy and prosperity to the Market Street, as well as to the corporate street.

Let’s bring the element of discovery and the “can do” attitude back to travel. It inspires innovation, risk and forging new paths to better understand the global village we live in today. Vacations are getting shorter and more active in this demanding, mobile world. Travelers require choices geared to their individual needs and schedules.

Nature Air vacations is changing its travel product to adapt to the needs of today’s traveler with a new collection of “paquetes” that give you quick air access and lodging to the many natural bio-diverse zones in our stewardship. Working with Rainforest Alliance, Small Distinctive Hotels, and other small hotel chains of substance, we created an exciting new way to pack new experiences and memories into your journey.

See you on the next bend of river life.

Alex E Khajavi
CEO & Founder
Nature Air

*Letter originally published in Nature Air’s inflight magazine Landings Vol. IX No. 6


About the Author

Alex Khajavi's career has taken him from haggling on Wall Street to fundraising in East Africa. A background in international finance and development and affinity for adventure led him to create his second company, Naturegate, an ecotourism consultancy that headed sustainable projects in the Seychelles, Egypt, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and beyond. Over a decade ago, he stumbled upon the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica where he purchased a small air charter company and turned it into the world's first Carbon Neutral airline, Nature Air. Today he maintains his position as CEO and Shareholder, leading the company with a green conscience, and pushing for continued innovation in an ever-changing marketplace.

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