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Nature Air Turns 20

On behalf of our shareholders, employees and partners in travel, we thank you for forming a part of the Nature Air story. This month we are excited to commemorate 20 years of facilitating the expansion of Costa Rica’s tourism industry to some of the region’s most remote and unique eco-destinations.

Our story began in the early 90s when two adventurous Alaskan bush pilots decided to trade their eternal winter for the tropical climate of Costa Rica. In its early stages, the airline specialized in travel to the southern region of the Osa Peninsula. Long before there were paved roads and bridges to make the 8-hour journey by car, there was a growing demand from tourists, adventurers and scientists in search of this region’s fabled natural beauty.

Thanks to foresighted eco-pioneers, a 103,000-acre (4178-hectare) track of land on the Osa was placed under the protection of Corcovado National Park, which continues to be one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. It never fails to impress me when I consider the quantity of life represented in this vital piece of land that forces one to wonder where all this life comes from and where it will go. We, humanity, have no choice but to protect what we don’t know.

At Nature Air, we knew we had to get involved. Over the past eight years we have conserved more than 400 hectares of biological corridors just outside the park, preserving the same wildlife habitat that attracts eco-conscious travelers such as yourself to become Nature Air passengers. Even back when gravel runways and beach landings were part of the experience, and horses were used to haul out planes that got wedged in the sand, our adventurous passengers believed in us and followed their call to visit the region.

After more than a quarter million take offs and landings, and since the arrival of pavement to the far corners of the country, Nature Air has succeeded in maintaining the best safety record in the region. As the owner of an airline, this is the one most important detail that I could ask for. For this, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the Nature Air pilots and dedicated mechanics that work odd hours to get these aircraft safely in the air each day, and the rest of the Nature Air team that labors daily to make these 20 years of success, and many more to come, a reality.


Alex E. Khajavi

CEO | Founder

Nature Air

*Post originally published in Landings inflight magazine, Vol. IX No. 2

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