Travel Nature Air bridges Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Published on February 15th, 2012 | by CEOnatureair


Nature Air bridges Costa Rica and Nicaragua

I have always believed that travel is the mitigator and equalizer of all negative senses that define crisis between people. Familiarity, true travel, living abroad and studying with other students from other lands all develop a basis for the creation of a more civil society. Countries small and large disagree on the basis of philosophy, culture, religion and sometimes a patch of land. Wars happen, young die, old argue, mothers promise never to have sons again, and we keep repeating the cycle.

We at Nature Air want to make travel easy and pleasurable. We want to eliminate that empty hollow feeling associated with crossing borders; and hopefully to inspire more people to see the other side, an exterior culture, to contribute to the civil society that I dream about.

Nature Air, in the midst of the chaotic democratization process in Nicaragua, opened an international route to Granada in 2001. We constructed the runway with hard work, enthusiasm and foresight that the country needed new tourism and new arrivals to prosper.

For more than three years we flew to that city on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, the oldest in
Central America, bringing with us life, tourists and jobs. We helped carve the capacity for tourism in the region, building it up together with the gross domestic product, new restaurants, hotels and tour companies.

In March 2011, the Nature Air team repeated this experience by launching a new route to Managua, Nicaragua. Through ground connections, we are able to service the popular destinations of colonial Granada, the Masaya volcano, historic Leon and the volcanic isle of Ometepe. Costa Rica is the hottest destination in the region for tourists from Europe, the United States and Canada. It is the mother hen that can feed the other countries with spillover adventure travelers wanting to see more of Central America’s magic. We hope building bridges instead of burning them will help foster mutual understanding across borders. We hope that you, our passengers, will embrace this new connection and venture on beyond Costa Rica to discover the jewels that the rest of this region has to offer.

Alex E. Khajavi

Ceo | Founder

Nature Air

*Letter originally published in Nature Air’s inflight magazine Landings Vol. IX No. 2

About the Author

Alex Khajavi's career has taken him from haggling on Wall Street to fundraising in East Africa. A background in international finance and development and affinity for adventure led him to create his second company, Naturegate, an ecotourism consultancy that headed sustainable projects in the Seychelles, Egypt, Fiji, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and beyond. Over a decade ago, he stumbled upon the tiny Central American country of Costa Rica where he purchased a small air charter company and turned it into the world's first Carbon Neutral airline, Nature Air. Today he maintains his position as CEO and Shareholder, leading the company with a green conscience, and pushing for continued innovation in an ever-changing marketplace.

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