Voice of the Leatherback Turtles

Posted by on Mon, Oct 19, 2009
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What is it about preserving nature in its most pristine state that is important to us? The world existed long before we ever laid our eyes upon a magnificent crimson sunset. The geysers of Yellowstone bellowed forth their molten hot water a million years before it was declared the first national park anywhere in the world in 1872. Leatherback sea turtles obeyed the millennial ritual of nesting on the shores of Playa Grande long before Costa Rica had a name.

We humans are guests here on this planet and nature is our silent host. The creation of national parks is the only way we can protect nature from our insatiable desire to remake the world in our image. They help anchor us in an otherwise impermanent existence, reminding us of life’s eternal mysteries and inspiring us to be more.

Las Baulas National Park must be preserved. Nature is mute and defenseless and we are its only hope. Who will speak on its behalf if we remain silent?

Voice of the Leatherback TurtlesThe Voice of the Leatherback Turtles is an ezine, a relatively new web based format that looks like a magazine, has pages like a magazine, but you read it on your screen and turn the pages with your keypad. We have provided a tutorial to help you get acclimated. Stephen Duplantier is responsible for the overall design, graphics and for editorial contributions as well.

The ezine features contributions from an extraordinary array of people who have dedicated their lives to the conservation movement within Costa Rica and around the world. There are news stories and open letters; all with one goal in mind and that is to preserve this little slice of heaven on earth. It takes the voices of many individuals and weaves them together into a written symphony in defense of Peace With Nature.


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