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Published on June 30th, 2008 | by Naturally Larry


Welcome to Nature Blog

Natureair, Costa Rica’s airline and the world’s first certified carbon neutral airline welcomes you to Nature Blog. It is our effort to keep you informed and involved in Costa Rica as an ecotourist destination, and to provide a forum for the sharing and exchange of information relating subjects like global warming and climate change and its impact on this country.

Naturally Larry, my corner of the blog, will offer information relating to the efforts of people and institutions that make a difference, helping to create a balance between commerce and conservation amidst the backdrop of some very serious global issues, like climate change. I will attempt to communicate in a language that is easily understood. I believe the major reason why there appears to be a disconnect between the experts and the rest of us is because they focus on the facts alone and not the feelings they engender. We are completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues related to global warming and its technical vocabulary.

I want to hear from you, whether you are an ecotraveller or a research scientist. I am looking for good stories to tell, which is quite different than good news. We all need to separate the rhetoric from the reality.

Monolithic companies did not create the important climate change issues we are now dealing with; rather they were the work of people just like us. Similarly, the solutions will come from you and I, which is why we are looking forward to creating this Nature Blog family.

We will keep you current and tell you what you need to know about Costa Rica. We are in the travel business after all! Nature Landings is a superb in-flight magazine and the editorial staff will be providing great features. We will also direct you to other blogs that are providing information we think you would like to know.

The personality of Nature Blog will be defined by the quality of communication we are able to establish. You will be hearing from our pilots, baggage handlers, ticket agents, tour guides, and the administrative staff.

Our world is changing at a pace that would have put Einstein back in the classroom. Success has always been measured in the marketplace by the annual increase in a company’s profitability. We have been celebrating our power to harness technology with a limitless supply of energy. Natural resources were thought to be infinite, or not even thought about at all. The culture of commerce and abundance never stopped to consider the environmental consequences of its actions. The idea of being a responsible corporate citizen in this new world of global warming is creating a consciousness without precedent.

Nature Blog is a natural progression for this company, and it is reflects this new corporate ethos.  Education and communication are part of the new bottom line in measuring a company’s success. This blog affords Natureair and its subsidiary operations a means toward achieving that end.

As an airline, you find a way to mitigate your impact on climate change  as best you can by offsetting your carbon emissions. You develop travel programs that reinforce your carbon neutral efforts. You promote practices in yours offices that conserve energy and minimize waste. You treat your employees with care and respect. You give back to the community by establishing a program called Naturekids, teaching English to youngsters. You can make money and make difference.

According to Alex Khajavi, CEO of Natureair, “It becomes a duty and necessity for us to preserve and protect the environment that we are living in. We are the users of resources and this should motivate us to protect and to give back to the environment.”

The Nature Blog is our modest effort at being part of the positive change we are all seeking in this rapidly changing world of ours.

Thanks for your time. See you soon.

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